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Great News - Julian Ray has agreed to step in and organize the next Rapid Play which will be held on Sunday 25 September, at Whittlesford. We are hoping to arrange for online entry and payment.

Unfortunately, the Rapidplay is now oversubscribed so no more entries can be accepted. We do apologise but there is not sufficent space to take any more entries. A big thankyou to all who have entered.

The new season is only a few weeks away and there have been a number of important changes to the rules. Please look at the League, Fenland & 550 competition rules to be sure you are familiar with the changes.

Paul Kemp has put together a brief explanatory note of the changes which can be download from this link - Rule Changes
Upcoming Tournament Entry forms.

Lowestoft Rapidplay Nov. 6th

Cambridgeshire County Championship Nov. 26/27th