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The results for the Cambridgeshire rapidplay can be seen here and also an entry form for the Closed Championship in November can be downloaded from the same page.



The original Rules & additional update can be found on the Association page. From there they can be downloaded if required. The additional explanatory note dates from 2016. Rules for the Team 7000 can also be found on this page.


SEASON 2021 - 2022 RESULTS

Division 1   Division 1 (continued)

Division 2

Fenland Open

Fenland 7000 (Formerly 550)

Team 7000 (Formerly 550)

The links provided all refer to the C4 site for this season. The results of previous seasons are available from the various club pages as pdf files which can be viewed, saved or printed. They are taken from the C4 site and provide a permanent record of the matches & players.

Peterborough Chess Club have a new Venue. 31.03.22



Many players in the Cambridgeshire League will know of and have played against Chris over the years. He has just finished his first book, Blind Faith and hopefully you might be interested in purchasing a copy of this splendid publication. From Chris he says...

I am emailing to hopefully bring some small amount of joy and excitement into our world. After some considerable time, I have finally managed to pull together a manuscript, that may bring some enlightenment into some of you. Most of you will be aware that I have occasionally sent out annotations to my games. It has been a fascinating journey over the past quarter of a century and how far I have travelled and developed. Such a demonstrative passage.

I have decided to share that experience and wondrous journey with the world now and have created an inspiring volume. I sincerely hope that you will find it both instructive and developmental.

The book has now been opened up for pre-order purchasing. We are having a period of pre-order purchasing, so that we can gauge to how many printed versions will be required. Naturally, the printed version is more expensive than the E-book version. Those wishing for a signed copy of the book simply need to indicate to me that they wish for this. This may incur a few extra days delay in receiving the volume, but those wishing for the signed copy, notify me accordingly.

The date of release is 09 May. Those ordering the E-book version will be sent this on that precise date.

The links that you require to pre-order this book are given below.

Paperback edition:

E-book edition:



At the recent Jamboree two Members of the Association were recognised for their long service.

More details can be found here

Marcus Misson 

Patrick Ribbands

Marcus Connolly

Please go here to read more.



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