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The County Association is running a Grand Prix this year, with a trophy as a prize for the winner. Points scored  
in Grand Prix events will be aggregated, and the highest point-scorer at the end of the season will be the  
There is no need to enter, nor is there any entry fee. Just play in a qualifying event and your scores will be  
collated and shown on the Association's website, updated monthly.
The qualifying events are as follows:
County matches (East Anglian group and final stages)
Cambridgeshire League
Cambridgeshire Rapidplay
Team 550 competition
The East Anglian Club Championship
Fenland Trophy & Plate
County Championship

So play in as many events as you can and see your score mount up. Why not have a friendly contest within  
your club to see who is the highest player?
Cambridgeshire Grand Prix 2019 - 2020
Cambridgeshire County Chess Association
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