Results of the 2015/16 Cambridgeshire County Chess Championships 28th & 29th November 2015
We had 19 paid entries but 2 withdraws on the friday before the event due to personal reasons but I have included them as equals because every entry counts.

1st and 2nd Equal and Jointly sharing the title for 6 months each
and winning a small trophy as keepsake for the event each
on 4/5 Top seed Paul Kemp 193 Linton and Royston Chess Club
and 4th Seed Christopher Davison 179 Cambridge
plus they share 1st and 2nd Cash prize of 60 + 40 so they win 50.00 each in Cash as well.
(Mark Lim has the extra 20 to give 10 each to Paul and Chris)
as some of the prize fund was still being played for when the Stagered start to the last round finished.
3rd,4th,5th Equal sharing 21.00 (7.00 each) on 3 1/2 out of 5
goes to 2nd Seed Ashley Stewart 187 Linton/Royston Plus Trophy on Tie Break
and 8th Seed Julian Ray 161 Linton/Royston Plus trophy on Tie Break
and Nigel Holroyd 152 Railways London/Peterborough Nigel misses out on a trophy on Tie Break.
6th Place 3/5 goes to 5th Seed Ray Ilett 173 Peterborough
7th Place 3/5 goes to 14th Seed Marcus Connolly 141 Peterborough
8th Place goes to 7th Seed Francis Bowers 169 New England  2 1/2 out of 5
9th Place goes to 6th Seed Robert K Taylor 172 New England 2 1/2 out of 5
10th Place goes to 3rd Seed Tobias Stock 184 Broadstairs 2 1/2 out of 5
11th Place goes to 12th Seed Mark Lim Linton/Royston 2 1/2 out of 5
12th Place goes to 17th Seed Dave McClennon 109 Peterborough 2/5 also wins the Under 140 Championship Trophy
13th Place goes to 13th Seed Patrick Ribbands 150 Linton/Royston 2/5
14th Place goes to 9th Seed Samuel Caraway 161 New England 2/5
15th Place goes to 10th Seed Gert De Block 152 Cambridge 1/5
16th Place goes to 15th Seed Peter Weinberger 100 estimate New England 1/5
17th Place goes to 16th Seed William Stock 96 Rainham (Kent) 1/5
18th Place goes to 18th Seed Josh Isaacs 90 estimate Kings School Ely (Junior) 0/5 Withdrawn still wins the Junior Trophy as the highest score of a Junior
19th Place goes to 19th Seed Peter Cairns 60 estimate New England 0/5 Withdrawn

3 results for grading in the last round
Sam beat Peter, Mark beat Gert, Nigel and Marcus Drew.

Thanks go to Cambridgeshire County Chess Association for allowing and funding this event.
Championship Organiser Francis Bowers ECF Arbiter
County Treasurer & Entry Form set up Paul Kemp
Grading Patrick Ribbands
Phil Turp Webmaster for puting this event on the web page.
ECF for advertising this event on there website of Events and Brochures
Trevor and Marion King Peterborough Bridge Club for providing refreshment and letting us use their fine venue. Peterborough Chess Club for providing Score sheets, Chess Sets,Boards and some Digital Chess Clocks. New England Chess Club for loaning some Digital Chess Clocks
Premier Engraving for super fast engraving of trophies for every one for entering and for Donations made to the event.

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County Championship 2015 - 2016
Cambridgeshire County Chess Association